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  • 2024 Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies in Bellmore
    Please click on the link below for more pictures

  • Shop The Best... Shop The Bellmores

    Our chamber of commerce is a group of business people that are dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community.
    Our goal is to help business owners network and grow.

  •  Friday Night Car Show will officially begin in March

    The Car Show will run from March to October 25th

    6 to 10 pm Weather Permitting

    Free to walk through - Admission fee for cars $5


  • Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores
    2024 Scholarship Recipients
    with Chamber President Genne Judd and Senator Steve Rhoads
    Constantinos Varveris, Anthony Biviano, and Ryan Harrington


  • Bellmore businesses were spotlighted in Chris Carini's Small Business Spotlight Tour.

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