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  • 2023 Board of Directors

  • Officers

  • Gene Judd
    Island Greenery


  • Robert Saylor
    Vice President
    High Tech Design
    Plumbing & Heating Corp.

  • Greg Conneely
    The Conneely
    Allstate Agency


  • Jim Spohrer
    Immediate Past President
    Bellmore Automotive, Inc.

  • Paul Danziger
    Recording Secretary
    Print This Stitch That



    Board of Directors

  • Robert Alweis
    Robert F Alweis P.E., P.C. Professional Engineer


  • Sal Briganti
    Sal's Lunch Box Inc.

  • Jill Bromberg
    Your NewsMag

  • Jackie Fithian
    Vital Signs Plus

  • Hector Granados
    Bedford Avenue Deli

  • Aldon Magloire
    Precious Pearls
    Home Healthcare 

  • Laura Callan
    Better Holmes and Gardens Dream Properties

  • Matthew Gaeta
    PF Parking and Management Corp.

  • Joseph LoPresti   
    Last Minute Details


  • Michael Pittakas
     CWC Security

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