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    About Us

    NMR Tattoo is bringing a specialized tattoo service to the community. This includes 3D Nipple tattoo, areola tattoo, scar camouflage and micro needling/dry tattooing. NMR Tattoo provides a higher artistic level of skills that creates the most realistic and natural looking nipple & areola while implementing a medical level of knowledge when preparing and performing tattoos.

    Medical Tattoo Artists services: 3d nipple & areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors/ transgender community, scar camouflage and scar treatments as well as eyebrow micropigmentation.


    NMR Tattoo, LLC- Nicole M Rizzuto, Licensed tattoo artist, CST
    3d Nipple tattoo correction - Breast Cancer tattoo
    Dry Tattooing
    Areola Tattoo Correction
    Scar Camouflage
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