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    About Us

    Three Dog Bakery is an unforgettable experience for dogs (and their two-legged parents). The only thing you need to watch out for is exuberant wagging tails — dogs often go into full-body wagging mode!

    Visit our Long Island location to find a selection of treats that can only be found in our bakeries – because they’re fresh-baked on-site by real pastry chefs who use simple, healthy, and wholesome ingredients. Check out our playful exclusive seasonal treats, gourmet dog pastries, including our famous Pupcakes®, and one-of-a-kind canine cakes you can have personalized for your pup’s special occasion. With Three Dog Bakery, you can make their birthday, adoption day, training graduation day or any day special. Because who says you need to have a reason to spoil your dog?

    Three Dog Bakery opened the world’s first bakery for dogs in 1989 and has been making tails wag ever since! We’re excited to share the same over-the-top experience with you at the Three Dog Bakery Bellmore!


    • Freshly Baked All Natural Treats
    • Gourmet Pastries & Custom Cakes
    • Fresh & Freeze Dried Food
    • Gear & The Latest Fashion Accessories
    • Rawhides, Unique Toys, Grooming


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